At Coolest Projects Belgium, young makers showcase their digital creativity. Will you join us?
By registering you agree to the following rules:

  1. Registrations are open between January 13th and April 20th or until the maximum capacity of 64 projects is reached.
  2.  A participant is between 7 and 18 years old.
  3.  All projects are welcome, from beginner to advanced. All technologies are accepted (also unfinished projects)
  4. After registration the participant receives a confirmation mail.They need to click on the link to make sure the registration is valid.
  5. You can collaborate with up to 4 participants for one project. All participants need to register.First the project owner registers the project. After confirmation, all the other participants can join this project after receiving an invitation mail from the project owner with a registration token.
  6. After registrations the participants can change the user information on the project.Only the project owner can change his project information. All changes need to be final at May 3rd.
  7. We only provide a t-shirt and goodie bag to registered participants.
  8. There will be a few awards. A list of the different awards will be displayed on our website before the event. Judging for the awards will be on the day in the chosen language during the registration. All decisions from the judges are final.
  9. We respect your data. You can read the privacy statement on the CoderDojo Belgium website.

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